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The Paperless Workforce: A Digital Transformation




Digital Transformation

A guide to how digital transformation will drive your business forward

Running a business with moving parts—your fleet is an integral part of what you do—can be stressful at the best of times. Too much paperwork adds up, as do manual processes and practices, admin that takes too long, and missing reports. 

The benefits of going paperless to help automate areas of your fleet-based business can be game-changing. From improving your maintenance to reducing unexpected breakdowns right through to reducing the admin time taken to manage compliance requirements, technology can be used to create a workspace that promotes safety, reduces risk, improves efficiencies and, most importantly, allows you and your staff to be more productivity and focus on more strategic initiatives. 

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Digital Transformation

The Benefits of going Paperless

We can help you automate your integral tasks into an electronic format so you can reduce the time taken to manage your fleet, whole improving efficiencies. Get competitive and stay on top of your business with a fleet management system.


The diversity of apps for your business to help manage compliance is available for your staff to more easily comply to fatigue, speed, maintenance, payload and more, all from a single digital solutions.


With real-time insights and analytics to buck bad driving habits before they become behaviours, you can increase the life of your assets, keep on top of budgets, and improve your drivers performance.


Benefit from second-by-second tracking that can help you connect with your drivers and vehicles. You can instantly find the nearest driver when a new job comes in, and stay in communication safely though the in-vehicle system.


Telematics gives you analytics you can use to better understand usage and help you visualise how assets are used across jobs without having to rent equipment or delay projects without having to visit sites.


Ability to set up bounds of your sites via geofences and set up out-of-hours alerting to know when something is being used outside of regular business hours to help recover assets quicker and help to reduce insurance premiums.


Turn the data from your drivers and vehicles into insights and decisions to help you easily manage your fleet. With apps available to help with tasks, you have everything you need to keep your fleet on the road and running effectively.

What does it mean to be paperless? 

Your Journey to Digital Transformation

Paperwork is a burden for businesses - there's a lot to manage! From fatigue written work diaries and pre-trip checklists for safety right through to HR forms, contracts, and proof of delivery. Connecting to a digital platform can help you replace your paper-based processes with a digital solution.

A paperless, or digitally transformed, organisation is inter-connected and data flows freely from start to finish. Data begins with the driver's inputs and what the vehicle produces. From the office, you can keep the business running with the data that comes in real-time.

Adopting an AI-enabled platform will digitally transform both your business and your customer processes. From automating compliance requirements right through to improving response times.

Going paperless = adopting digital technology, which opens up opportunities throughout your business. Artificial Intelligence helps analyse data and provide insights for real-time consumption.

Paperless Workforce & Digital Transformation

The Technology of a Paperless Workforce 

TN360 is fleet management redesigned to deliver visual insights using data you can mould. Through innovative use of big data and algorithms, the system learns from your operation to tell you what you don’t know through dashboards, alerts and maps. With real-time analytics, you can safely and efficiently manage your business as TN360 uncovers trends via natural search, drillable data, and dynamic dashboards.

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The Applications

The apps your drivers can use to transform their tasks

Failure Notification 570X543

Customisable digital checklists for pre-start inspections and beyond. This flexible app enables you to build out checklists that replace paper-based processes and record the results instantly in the TN360 application. Checklist fails can be configured to send SMS, email, and in-platform notifications so any issues can be quickly resolved.

  • Replace paper-based checklists and processes
  • Instantly capture results in TN360
  • Trigger alerts for checklist fails including description and photo
  • Include driver declaration and signatures for critical processes
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Digital Transformation Easy Docs 570X543

Take paper out of the cab with this digital document management application. Store all of your driver documents in the cloud, manage them from a central location and instantly share them with select vehicles or your entire fleet. Ensure that your drivers always have access to the required documents on their mobile devices.

  • Centrally manage business documents in the cloud
  • Send documents to the entire fleet or specific vehicles
  • Set driver acknowledgments and report on open rates
  • Trigger documents to be sent on geofence entry or exit
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Forms 570X543

Digitise any form that you have in your business and capture the data instantly in the TN360 platform. The wide range of field options, including photo and signature capture, enables you to build out almost any form ranging from accident reports to load collection forms. All submitted forms are stored in the app's history and TN360 for instant visibility.

  • Fully customisable forms
  • Wide range of fields available including photo and signature capture
  • Forms instantly saved in TN360
  • Configure SMS, email and in platform notifications
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Artboard – 2

A digital fatigue management solution designed to help drivers keep track of their work and rest hours. It provides transparency into available hours for optimised scheduling, alongside analytics and insights. By giving drivers instant information about upcoming rest breaks or violations, they can better plan the journey while on the road. If they go into breach, immediate back-office alerts are generated allowing for appropriate action to be taken proactively.

  • Ability to record work and rest times direct to the device to get real-time fatigue status information to complete their work diary 
  • Audio and visual prompts when a rest break is required, based on event history and their fatigue ruleset
  • Paper-work diary view provides all the information for the driver to fill in their work diary correctly
  • EDLs solutions are available and approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
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Messaging 570X543

Streamline driver communication through a dedicated messaging application that removes the noise of other communication platforms. Send 1:1 or fleet-wide messages, record responses, and keep an audit trail of business communications.

  • Dedicated messaging platform
  • Send messages to select vehicles or your entire fleet
  • Automate messaging based on geofence entry
  • Audit trail of communication
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Digital Logbook 570X543

Teletrac Navman’s RUC Manager is an electronic Road User Charges (eRUC) solution that manages, purchases, displays and updates road user licences in real-time. With the ability to automatically tracks vehicle mileage, the solution uses high-definition GPS data to calculate road activity for accurate and maximised RUC refunds.

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The Hardware

What you need to get started

No matter the assets important to you, we can help you track it! With the right hardware,
we can enable you connect your drivers, vehicles, machinery, equipment and more.


Choose a device designed for trucks that is hardwired into the vehicle and collects location data and engine diagnostics, making is perfect for safety and compliance-related uses.

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Heavy Equipment

Ruggedised, IP67-rated, hard-wired asset tracker designed for heavy equipment. In addition to location information, this device will collect asset diagnostics, including engine hours, fuel use, idle time, and more.

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Small Assets

Choose a battery-powered GPS tracking device that provides location and movement data for smaller powered and non-powered equipment, such as generators, portable toilets, trailers, and more.

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Driver Tools 

Designed specifically for the rugged environment of a driver in the transport industry, these in-vehicle devices provide a means to deliver apps directly to your staff to input & collect data imperative to your business's digital workflow.

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Use a solar-powered device that tracks stationary location and provides live location updates when the trailer is in motion, making it ideal for measuring on-site times and detention costs

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Light Vehicles

Select a device that is designed for light-duty vehicles, such as vans and work trucks that can be self-installed giving you more installation flexibility.

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Beyond the road

How to simplify operations with asset tracking

Many fleets have tracking systems that monitor their vehicles, but vehicles are only one class of equipment that companies operate. Asset tracking complements vehicle tracking systems, providing location and analytical data to manage various types of equipment.

  • Asset tracking solutions monitor powered and non-powered equipment
  • Data includes location, maintenance, operator behaviour, and more
  • Hardwired, battery and solar devices can be used for different asset types
  • Companies can manage maintenance, reduce rental costs, reduce theft, and more

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Powered Plant



Fuel Tanks








The perfect entry into video telematics. The AI-powered IQ Camera is a solution that provides enhanced driver status monitoring, real-time feedback and instant video access, so you can protect your team on the road. With a solution that can digitise your coaching and training programs by providing real-time driver assistance and status monitoring alerts, your business can reduce costs and improve workflows through improved behaviour.

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Why Businesses Partner with Teletrac Navman

You get more than just a service provider

Teletrac Navman invests significantly in telematics, fleet management technologies, and applications. It's our job to make your job easier, so it's our goal to provide unique value-added services, including transport compliance solutions like fatigue and mass, advanced tracking systems, high-definition replays, real-time alerts, scale & job management integration and more. 

While technology is the core of what we do, the foundation of our business is our hard-working team, made up of industry experts entirely focused on your success. Our professional services team is dedicated to helping you identify your goals, develop a plan to reach them, and implement a solution to support your path to success. With more than 100 years of combined experience in vehicle tracking and asset management, our professional services experts can help you see quick results and meaningful ROI.

Within the country, Teletrac Navman has a vast network of professional auto electrical professionals and engineers who are certified to install its products. They are provided with all up-to-date installation notes to ensure that every vehicle fitted with telematics is completed accurately and to stringent quality controls, including any calibrations that are required. This means that it's done once and you get the proper functionality out of the fleet management solution and applications within. 

Whether you’re a hands-on learner who prefers to dive in or you prefer to ask questions and get dedicated support, we have training options to make sure you’re getting the most out of our platform.

  1. Contextual learning - Within the platform, our ‘Show Me How’ feature is built to guide you through features and modules, making it easier to manage tasks.
  2. Online help - Have questions as you’re navigating the platform? Our ‘Help’ feature provides you with information on how to set up your fleets.
  3. Live web training - Our expert trainers host web training sessions throughout the week on topics that will help you learn to use the Teletrac Navman platform.
  4. On-site training - If you are looking for something more hands-on, we can provide custom, on-site training to help you and your team get the most from your telematics investment.

When you have a question, we’re here to answer with two-tier technical support. Call our toll-free Help Desk to get quick answers and tutorials on our most popular features. For more complex questions, our professional services team can provide in-depth technical advice, the expertise to resolve problems as they arise, and a strong support network backed by specific industry experience.

A dedicated regulatory support team maintains and supports customers engaged in national/state jurisdictional products - in relationship to the Transport Industry.

Ensuring your heavy-vehicles are on the road to their maximum potential is beneficial to the business and the productivity of the industry itself. When considering the applications for IAP is to ensure compliance to road manager requirements, the benefits extend way beyond that.

  1. Safety – a transport management system provides features that can ensure both your driver is safe and the payload is accounted for, especially when considering dangerous goods transport.
  2. Compliance – with modules aimed at helping you manage fatigue, speed, maintenance and mass, expanding the compliance effort to a digital solution improves on accuracy, auditing and more.
  3. Efficiency – with a digital solution designed for the modern day transport business in mind, you’re able to cut costs in areas such as fuel, routes and administration to create a more efficient business.
  4. Productivity – move less with more, it’s as simple as that. With the ability to maximise your assets to potential, the business is able to cut the time taken to complete jobs, allowing for more jobs to completed in a day.

The Resources

What you need to be Golden when it comes to Telematics

We got your back. Check out our free eBooks you can download to get more information around telematics, its implementation, change management, and why you should consider us as your choice service provider.


The Paperless Workforce

For many businesses, the idea of going paperless is a daunting one. However, with the right technology, making the switch to a paperless workforce has never been easier. This eBook helps you understand the benefits and considerations for digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation Guide, Transport

Specifically with the Transport industry in mind, this guide provides a means to better understand what's involved and what you get out of going to a digital fleet management system over manual paper-based practices.

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Change Management 

The way you’re able to do these things is constantly evolving. To help you and your business avoid these pitfalls and more, this eBook will guide you in effectively managing the process of implementing telematics and fleet management solution.

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On the Road to Success

Keeping on top of everything is a necessary but challenging part of the job. Find out in this eBook the kinds of things you benefit from in working with Teletrac Navman in a fleet management solution provider for your business. 

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