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Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking Systems Built For Your Business

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GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Maximise impact with a vehicle tracking solution that meets your needs

Fleet management is more effective and powerful when combined with a vehicle tracking solution. By providing businesses with insight into vehicle location, reporting on activity and details into driver conduct, vehicle tracking software could be the technology to take your fleet operations to the next level. 

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The Benefits

Enhance your business with a vehicle tracking system

Increase Fleet Productivity With Gps Vehicle Tracking Management Software Au

Regardless of your industry, a vehicle tracking system provides managers with insight into each vehicle’s status, overall performance, driver behaviour and more, to help optimise the business, improve planning and ultimately, provide better customer service. Over the past decade, a large number of businesses are relying on GPS vehicle tracking to improve fleet productivity and simply do more with less.

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Vehicle Tracking Software Improves Driver Behavior Au2

A comprehensive vehicle tracking system allows fleet managers to identify unsafe driving habits. Our platform allows users to create reports to learn how vehicles are being driven; this includes speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering. By using the available data, fleet managers have seen a reduction of fuel costs and fewer accidents. Vehicle tracking can improve not only driver behaviour and safety but help business owners make more-informed decisions.

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Vehicle Tracking Software Improves Driver Behavior Au

There are numerous laws and regulations surrounding fleet compliance, companies must adhere to all occupational health and safety laws. Fleet managers from varies industries must assure compliance is being met and safety of their staff and the surrounding community is a top priority. Vehicle tracking systems provides visibility with easy, accurate and automated information into a single application.

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Flexible Solutions That Meet Your Needs

The needs and requirements of your business are constantly evolving, finding a vehicle tracking system that can meet your business requirements now and also as your company grows is key to future proof your investment. Teletrac Navman offers great flexibility through its product enhancements and integrations with leading industry applications.

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A Vehicle Tracking System tailored to meet your needs

GPS vehicle tracking gives you a comprehensive and an unprecedented view into your business in real-time. The data allows fleet managers to make instant and more informed decisions as businesses evolve. Making use of the data-driven view can progress your business forward into the digital era.

Instantmessaging1 Instant Messaging

Fast, reliable and auditable communication

Alerts Real-time Alerts

Instant notifications on driver behaviour, fuel usage and maintenance issues

Vehicleanalytics Vehicle Analytics

Get the exact metrics for your vehicle on a daily basis

Reportingandanalytics Immediate Reporting

Track your most critical KPIs in one platform

EWD Electronic Driver Logbook

Keep compliant with NZTA and the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) requirements

Gpslocationtracking GPS Tracking

Real-time fleet analytics provides immediate insight into the activity of a fleet

Driverbehavior Driver Behaviour

Easily identify your most at-risk drivers and develop a customise training plan

Fueluse Icon Reduce Fuel Consumption

Improve fuel efficiency and reduce related expenses

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Frequently asked questions

How does it all work? What does a system look like? Why is tracking important? Get the answers to the most asked questions about vehicle tracking systems.

A vehicle tracking system uses both a hardware component and a software platform to monitor a wide range of information relating to an individual vehicle or asset within a fleet.  The GPS tracking hardware collects the GPS coordinates of a vehicle alongside vehicle activity and the date and time, the activity took place. The software gathers the data including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, and visualises this information on the fleet management software.

Vehicle tracking systems are a great tool for businesses looking to accelerate their fleet operations. These technology-based resources can track not just cars but also a variety of medium-to-heavy-duty assets, buses, cargo vans, specialty trucks for dumping and cementing and much more.

There is a large variety of GPS vehicle tracking systems and can vary from model, implementation type and how the system is powered. Battery powered GPS trackers are normally about the size of your palm and are then placed either inside or outside of a vehicle or asset. Another type of GPS tracker plugs in underneath the steering wheel of a vehicle in the OBD 2 port, which is also known as the computer diagnostics port. It looks like a small plug and can sometimes be seen protruding out of the port. It also tucked behind the dashboard to remain hidden. The hard-wired gps tracking device  is professionally installed in the vehicle and is hidden behind the vehicle dashboard.  


Selecting and implementing a vehicle tracking system takes proper planning and research. To have the most successful implementation of the system be sure to define business goals, set expectations, calculate costs, and understand how the vehicle tracking software will improve productivity and efficiency for everyone involved. Educate the employees using the system so they are aware of how this will affect them. Create a thorough and detailed on boarding program for the implementation process to ensure compliance and training of all employees.

Yes. Advanced vehicle tracking systems enable powered assets (such as construction equipment) and none powered assets (such as trailers) to be tracked and managed through the same platform.